Dwarf Fortress – Tunoslan Episode 6

Okay that’s Episode 6 of my Let’s Play Dwarf Fortress up on YouTube for your viewing pleasure. Please remember to like and subscribe if possible, it all helps.

Sunday Recording

Managed to get an episode of my Dwarf Fortress series recorded this afternoon. Just rendering it the moment and then I’ll get it uploaded to YouTube.

Rimworld and other mentions

Just got myself the scifi colony game, Rimworld.  I’ve not had a shot of it yet, but bought it since my son said it was very good and it mentioned having been inspired partly by Dwarf Fortress.  So that was another good reason to get it.

I thought I might start recording a new YouTube series of myself playing this, without ever having given it a go before.  Any thoughts?

I see Tarn Adams of Dwarf Fortress fame is starting to look into adding taverns into the game.  Looking forward to that addition a lot.

Still playing Styx: Master of Shadows a lot really enjoying this game.  It’s my most played game on Steam just now, trying to finish it off so I can start on another game, since it seems the be the only thing I sit down and play just now.  I think I’m about 64% the way through it and clocked up 49 hours so far playing it.

Dwarf Fortressing…

Right, well, I spent yesterday evening, working backwards through the backups of the save game from Episode 3, which I’d updated as each version came out.  Found that the 0.40.16 one did’t crash after the caravan departs the map, so copied that up to the next version and played to the stage where it was crashing, if it worked then I copied it to the next and so on.  But always going back to the 0.40.16 save game and redoing the actions I’d done.

Eventually I got the save working with 0.40.23, the latest Starter Pack version so I’m happy now to start recording again :_)

….More Crash and Bang…

After a further 2 crashes I’ve finished recording the second episode that I planned to record this morning.  I think I’ll go back to using version 0.40.19 and get the fort back up to where this second episode finishes at and hopefully it’ll be crash free.  If that works, then I’ll stick with that version for recording this series and not update Dwarf Fortress until this fortress falls into decline.

Crash, Bang…

Okay well I decided to try and record three episodes of the Dwarf Fortress series this morning.  Got half way through my second episode when Dwarf Fortress decided to crash on me.  Loaded it back up, found I’d lost about 20 minutes of play time and so tried to get back to where I stopped recording, off camera, but it crashed again just about at the same spot.

I think I may go back to the 0.40.19 version of Dwarf Fortress and replay up to where I was at again and see how that goes.  I’m currently rendering the first episode I managed to get in full so that I can get that posted up to Youtube today.


Okay well I’ve been slacking when it comes to recording new videos. I had hoped to pick up a bit and get my act together in that respect, but it never happened last year. So the plan this year is to get up extra early 2-3 times a week and start recording on a more regular basis. I really want to try and get myself more motivated and more relaxed at doing these and that’s only going to happen if I do more recording. If I could make this my main job then I’d be really happy, instead of having to fit this around my current full time job. So here’s hoping.

I’ll keep going with the Dwarf Fortress series and hopefully the Gnomoria one.  I’ve not played Minecraft in some time now, but will do what I can to get that series back up and running as well.