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You might have noticed from the list of latest videos to the right that I’ve started recording gameplay footage again. But this time I’ve set myself up on Twitch.TV and I’m streaming live to both it and Youtube at the same time.

I started back in January of this year, and it’s taken a while to get comfortable with doing it, since I’m not the worlds chattiest person. I’ve managed to get up to 8 followers so far, hoping to reach the heights of 50 followers so I can start getting some revenue from it, so I can eventually quit my full time job that I hate and move into game development and/or streaming full time.

So if you want, you can catch me over at or

Please drop a follow or a subscribe to help me grow the channel.

Unity RPG Course

Just finished another Unity 3D course on

Learn To Create An RPG Game In Unity

Not a bad course, although the C# coding was a bit against the standards.

Back into reading…

In the mood for reading again, so have three books on the go just now:

The Final Empire (Mistborn, #1)The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson




The Naked God (Night's Dawn, #3)The Naked God by Peter F. Hamilton




The Eyre Affair (Thursday Next, #1)The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde






Just realised I’ve not posted on here for a while.  Probably since we didn’t have any computers in the house for a while for various reasons.

I’ve still been working away following various courses on Unity 3D, including courses on Voxels and AI, when I can.  Really enjoying being back doing programming which is my first love of computing.

I have a few basic ideas of some games I want to develop once I feel confident enough from the courses I’ve been doing.  I did re-create Pacman from scratch just as a practice for myself and was very pleased with the outcome and how quickly I managed it.

Dedicated Minecraft Feed the Beast – Beyond Server

I decided to change over to a FTB Beyond dedicated server last week.  It’s up and running and I’m enjoying myself on it.  If anyone’s interested in joining me on this server, then leave a comment with your character name and I’ll add you to the whitelist and give you a note of the server address.

I have one additional MOD added onto the server called Auto Sapling.

Immersive Engineering

Minecraft Resonant Rise Private Server

We have a Resonant Rise v3.4.0.1 private server setup here.  If anyone’s interested on playing on it, then drop me an email with your Minecraft character name and I’ll send you details and whitelist you.

Edit:  Okay well it seems we’ve decided to change to an Unabridged server instead.  It’s also got the Ancient Warfare mod installed.

Blender Course

Okay well I finished off the Complete Unity Developer course yesterday, so have decided to move onto the Blender Course from the same people, since they tie that into Unity during this course.  Never used Blender before, but always wanted to learn how to use it.  So here goes…

Planning on recreating some small classic games in Unity, myself just to get more of a feel for developing games, before I start on the ideas I have for my own games.