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Bioshock 2

Well I finally finished the Bioshock 2 main solo campaign.  It’s took a fair while to get this done with the limited time I could play it.  It wasn’t the sort of game that I could play when my partner or son were on the go in the house since they didn’t like all the gore and shooting in it.

Personally I thought it was a superb game, loved the steampunk type style and the storyline.

After finishing it, I found that I still have the Minerva’s Den DLC pack to play, so will give that a go.  Some people are saying it’s a better story than the main campaign, so will see how for myself shortly.

I do have Bioshock Infinity waiting in the wings as well.  I played the original Bioshock a lot as well, infact I started it twice, the first time years ago, but I lost my save games, so had to start it again.  The second time I got about 2/3rd’s the way through and then found it wouldn’t run at all on my new Windows 8 PC, so gave up and went onto Bioshock 2.

Latest Purchase

Bought myself Divinity: Original Sin this week.  Old style RPG game from Larian Studios that was funded through Kickstarter.  Really enjoying it so far, the little I’ve managed to play it.

Let’s Play Dwarf Fortress 2014 – Tunoslan – Episode 3

Finally managed to get the next episode in my Dwarf Fortress series recorded and uploaded today :_)