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Dedicated Minecraft Feed the Beast – Beyond Server

I decided to change over to a FTB Beyond dedicated server last week.  It’s up and running and I’m enjoying myself on it.  If anyone’s interested in joining me on this server, then leave a comment with your character name and I’ll add you to the whitelist and give you a note of the server address.

I have one additional MOD added onto the server called Auto Sapling.

Immersive Engineering

Minecraft Resonant Rise Private Server

We have a Resonant Rise v3.4.0.1 private server setup here.  If anyone’s interested on playing on it, then drop me an email with your Minecraft character name and I’ll send you details and whitelist you.

Edit:  Okay well it seems we’ve decided to change to an Unabridged server instead.  It’s also got the Ancient Warfare mod installed.

Airships: Conquer the skies

Just entered another competition on the game review website and won another game.  This time it’s Airships: Conquer the Skies.  I won Planetbase from them a couple of weeks ago.  Looking forward to playing both these games.

Rimworld and other mentions

Just got myself the scifi colony game, Rimworld.  I’ve not had a shot of it yet, but bought it since my son said it was very good and it mentioned having been inspired partly by Dwarf Fortress.  So that was another good reason to get it.

I thought I might start recording a new YouTube series of myself playing this, without ever having given it a go before.  Any thoughts?

I see Tarn Adams of Dwarf Fortress fame is starting to look into adding taverns into the game.  Looking forward to that addition a lot.

Still playing Styx: Master of Shadows a lot really enjoying this game.  It’s my most played game on Steam just now, trying to finish it off so I can start on another game, since it seems the be the only thing I sit down and play just now.  I think I’m about 64% the way through it and clocked up 49 hours so far playing it.

Elite Dangerous

Well Elite: Dangerous went live on the 16th December 2014.  I’ve personally been waiting years for this to happen.  I did back it on Kickstarter since I so desperately wanted to play another Elite game, so have been playing the beta for quite some time now and thoroughly loving it.

I remember back 1984 going down to a Computer Exhibition in Glasgow with my computing class and seeing the original Elite being demonstrated on the BBC Micro there.  One of my school friends had a BBC Micro and bought a copy, so I quite often went round to have a play of it with him.  It eventually came out on the platform I had at the time, the ZX Spectrum and so I was hooked.

I’ve played all the other releases that came out as well, Elite II, Frontier Elite etc.

I’m on as Cmdr Djan Seriy Anaplian, so look me up and say Hi!  I was privileged to be able to become one of the Founder players of this magic game.

Bioshock 2

Well I finally finished the Bioshock 2 main solo campaign.  It’s took a fair while to get this done with the limited time I could play it.  It wasn’t the sort of game that I could play when my partner or son were on the go in the house since they didn’t like all the gore and shooting in it.

Personally I thought it was a superb game, loved the steampunk type style and the storyline.

After finishing it, I found that I still have the Minerva’s Den DLC pack to play, so will give that a go.  Some people are saying it’s a better story than the main campaign, so will see how for myself shortly.

I do have Bioshock Infinity waiting in the wings as well.  I played the original Bioshock a lot as well, infact I started it twice, the first time years ago, but I lost my save games, so had to start it again.  The second time I got about 2/3rd’s the way through and then found it wouldn’t run at all on my new Windows 8 PC, so gave up and went onto Bioshock 2.