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Youtube videos

Apologies for the Youtube widget on the right hand side not working.  Have tried to get it going without any success so far.  It used to work 🙁

Unity Game Development

Well I went for it and bought a Unity 5 Game Developer course on Udemy.  Luckily for me Unity primarily uses C# which I taught myself about 13-15 years ago and have used ever since.  Course is pretty good so far.  Just doing text based stuff to start with but onto graphics shortly.

Learn To Code by Making Games – Complete Unity 5 Developer


Okay well I’ve been slacking when it comes to recording new videos. I had hoped to pick up a bit and get my act together in that respect, but it never happened last year. So the plan this year is to get up extra early 2-3 times a week and start recording on a more regular basis. I really want to try and get myself more motivated and more relaxed at doing these and that’s only going to happen if I do more recording. If I could make this my main job then I’d be really happy, instead of having to fit this around my current full time job. So here’s hoping.

I’ll keep going with the Dwarf Fortress series and hopefully the Gnomoria one.  I’ve not played Minecraft in some time now, but will do what I can to get that series back up and running as well.