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Just realised I’ve not posted on here for a while.  Probably since we didn’t have any computers in the house for a while for various reasons.

I’ve still been working away following various courses on Unity 3D, including courses on Voxels and AI, when I can.  Really enjoying being back doing programming which is my first love of computing.

I have a few basic ideas of some games I want to develop once I feel confident enough from the courses I’ve been doing.  I did re-create Pacman from scratch just as a practice for myself and was very pleased with the outcome and how quickly I managed it.

Visual Studio 2017 is now available

Visual Studio 2017 is now available for download :_) Just finished upgrading my Visual Studio 2015 Community edition to the Visual Studio 2017 Community edition on my main PC. Unity3D all working with it still :_) Still got to update the setup on the laptop.