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Unity RPG Course

Just finished another Unity 3D course on

Learn To Create An RPG Game In Unity

Not a bad course, although the C# coding was a bit against the standards.


Just realised I’ve not posted on here for a while.  Probably since we didn’t have any computers in the house for a while for various reasons.

I’ve still been working away following various courses on Unity 3D, including courses on Voxels and AI, when I can.  Really enjoying being back doing programming which is my first love of computing.

I have a few basic ideas of some games I want to develop once I feel confident enough from the courses I’ve been doing.  I did re-create Pacman from scratch just as a practice for myself and was very pleased with the outcome and how quickly I managed it.

Unity, and more Unity

Been working away on various Unity3D courses over the past few months.  Feel like I now have a good grasp of things.

Blender Course

Okay well I finished off the Complete Unity Developer course yesterday, so have decided to move onto the Blender Course from the same people, since they tie that into Unity during this course.  Never used Blender before, but always wanted to learn how to use it.  So here goes…

Planning on recreating some small classic games in Unity, myself just to get more of a feel for developing games, before I start on the ideas I have for my own games.


Unity 3D – Basic networking

Have caught up to where Quill18Creates is at just now, so went back to my Udemy Unity3D course which has started to show you the basic of networking in games.  Here’s the first little build, showing a host server with a single cube followed by the client connecting to the host, then you can move the cube about on the host and it updates the position of the cube on the client as well :_)  It all looks very easy in Unity 3D compared to what I thought it was going to be like.  Apologies for not showing the mouse moving, just found the option in Bandicam to show that after I’d recorded it.

Unity3D Pathfinding

Okay well I’ve been following the Quill18Creates series of videos on developing a Base Building game in Unity3D.  He’s really good at explaining various techniques in writing games.  Been doing following the videos on Pathfinding today as well as typing in all the code as he does when I’m watching the videos.  Here’s the current state of the project as it is on my laptop just now.

Got a preset few rooms being generated with the test button (top left), then you can queue up walls to be built by the AI character.  He now doesn’t just move straight towards the job location going through walls etc.  but actually works out a path around all the new walls that you place down.

He explained it all so well, I now understand the principles behind it for future :_)

He used the A* Search Algorithm in this case.