Elite Dangerous

Well Elite: Dangerous went live on the 16th December 2014.  I’ve personally been waiting years for this to happen.  I did back it on Kickstarter since I so desperately wanted to play another Elite game, so have been playing the beta for quite some time now and thoroughly loving it.

I remember back 1984 going down to a Computer Exhibition in Glasgow with my computing class and seeing the original Elite being demonstrated on the BBC Micro there.  One of my school friends had a BBC Micro and bought a copy, so I quite often went round to have a play of it with him.  It eventually came out on the platform I had at the time, the ZX Spectrum and so I was hooked.

I’ve played all the other releases that came out as well, Elite II, Frontier Elite etc.

I’m on as Cmdr Djan Seriy Anaplian, so look me up and say Hi!  I was privileged to be able to become one of the Founder players of this magic game.

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