Unity3D Pathfinding

Okay well I’ve been following the Quill18Creates series of videos on developing a Base Building game in Unity3D.  He’s really good at explaining various techniques in writing games.  Been doing following the videos on Pathfinding today as well as typing in all the code as he does when I’m watching the videos.  Here’s the current state of the project as it is on my laptop just now.

Got a preset few rooms being generated with the test button (top left), then you can queue up walls to be built by the AI character.  He now doesn’t just move straight towards the job location going through walls etc.  but actually works out a path around all the new walls that you place down.

He explained it all so well, I now understand the principles behind it for future :_)

He used the A* Search Algorithm in this case.

Unity 3D – Quill18

Quill18 who’s Youtube channel I follow, also has a second channel called Quill18Creates where he does tutorials on creating games using Unity 3D.

He’s got an excellent base building tutorial series that he’s still recording, but it looks just the sort of thing I want to try my hand at, so I’ll be giving that series a watch.

Unity 3D – So far so good…

Did some more of the Unity 3D course last night.  The 10 pin bowling game they’re getting you to make is coming along nicely, as can be seen in the little bit of footage I recorded today.

Rimworld and other mentions

Just got myself the scifi colony game, Rimworld.  I’ve not had a shot of it yet, but bought it since my son said it was very good and it mentioned having been inspired partly by Dwarf Fortress.  So that was another good reason to get it.

I thought I might start recording a new YouTube series of myself playing this, without ever having given it a go before.  Any thoughts?

I see Tarn Adams of Dwarf Fortress fame is starting to look into adding taverns into the game.  Looking forward to that addition a lot.

Still playing Styx: Master of Shadows a lot really enjoying this game.  It’s my most played game on Steam just now, trying to finish it off so I can start on another game, since it seems the be the only thing I sit down and play just now.  I think I’m about 64% the way through it and clocked up 49 hours so far playing it.

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